How to Hide a Lottery Win from Your Wife – Not!

Donna duped by husband

It was back in 2007 that Donna Campbell, a Florida resident, discovered a startling secret. So traumatic was this discovery that it was to alter her life in immeasurable ways from that day forward.

Wedded Bliss

Back in 2007 Donna was in, what she thought was, a normal happy marriage. She kept house and cooked and cleaned for her husband Arnim Ramdass.

The couple lived in a modest home but paid their bills on time and lived a fairly normal life.

Arnim worked as an airline mechanic and his wage provided for the family.

lessons in how to win the lottery

Wedding Bells Turn to Rust

However, around this time everything was to change for Donna as she was soon to discover her marriage was a sham because she really did not know the man whom she was living with.

Donna began to become suspicious of her husband due to his unusual behaviour.

At first she thought he was having an affair as he turned his cell off and ensured the house was inoperable by disconnecting the line. But then she thought there was more to it than that when he kept the television and radio turned off.

Google It

It wasn’t until Donna became so distraught at finding a postcard about a new house purchase that she “googled” her husband’s name. What she found startled her.

It seemed her husband and some of his co-workers had struck lucky in the lottery and landed a $19 million jackpot win which he had failed to tell her about.

But before she could confront him Arnim went missing – with the money!

Although still legally married, which entitles Donna to share of the money, no one can find her estranged husband. He has simply disappeared into hiding with all the money.


Eviction from their home followed just 2 months after Donna’s discovery as she struggled in vain to keep up with payments on the couple’s joint bills while her selfish husband remained hidden away with his winnings.

The situation was so bad for Donna that it seemed that all she could rescue from their once marital home was her clothes and some small personal items as she did not have money to pay for storage. On the day of eviction she was planning to leave all her furnishings and electrical goods behind and some items of sentimental value because she had nowhere to go.

AA Varco to the Rescue

Luckily for Donna a local news station had covered her story and aired her plight. Immediately a local removal firm, AA Vacro, learning of her situation and the back-story to it offered to move her belongings and store her heavy goods free of charge. At least a little welcome relief.

Where her closest family member, her husband, had abused her trust and let her down, complete strangers had come to her rescue. There is hope for humanity after all.

Court & Beyond

Donna has filed a case against her husband for half the money and a divorce.

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Unfortunately officials cannot locate Mr. Arnim Ramdass to serve him his papers.



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