Comitted Sucicide After Believing His Numbers Came up The Week He Didn’t Enter

It happened back in 1995. It was April of that year when Mr. Tim O’Brien became incredibly depressed when he looked at the National Lottery winning numbers for that week in Britain.

lessons in how to win the lotteryMr. O’Brien believed that his only option was to take his own life when he checked the lottery results for that week.

For the previous 5 weeks Tim had been playing the same numbers with a partner. On the sixth week Mr. O’Brien was shocked when he checked the winning lottery numbers to find that the 3.5 million pounds jackpot would have been his. Or, so he thought.

So dismayed was Tim O’Brien, at losing out on this potential life-changing win, that he took a gun and fatally shot himself. He could just not contemplate living the rest of his life in the knowledge that he could have been a multi-millionaire.

But, Tim was wrong. Although he was not even entered into the draw if he had entered his numbers that week he would only have won £47.

You see all 6 of Tim’s numbers did not come up. Only 4 of the 6 numbers O’Brien played were actually drawn thus giving him only a match 4 win.

So, unfortunately for Tim O’Brien he took his own life due to a false belief.

He Escaped a Derailed Train, a Door-less Plane, a Bus Crash, a Flaming Car & 2 Car Accidents Before Winning a Million Dollars!

Things went a little smoother for Frane Selak.

The Croatian music teacher may well be the luckiest man alive. 84 year old Frane Selak, had his first near-death experience in January 1962 while travelling on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.

But the train was never to reach its destination. The train was dramatically wrenched from the tracks plunging the derailed train carriages into an icy river instantly killing 17 passengers and injuring many more.

Frane managed to escape with his life suffering a broken arm and some minor cuts and bruises.

Then in 1963 whilst on a routine flight from Zagred to Rijeka a cockpit door suddenly blew off the plane sucking Frane out. Although 19 people lost their lives miraculously walked away unscathed after landing in a haystack.

In 1966 again a river claimed his mode of transportation after a bud he was travelling on crashed. 4 people were killed while Mr. Selak remained totally unharmed.

4 years later Frane had another close call when a fuel pump at a gas station burst into flames engulfing his car.

In 1973 yet another car belonging to him burst into flames. The engulfing flames were so intense they were forced through the car’s ventilation system burning his hair before he escaped.

In 1995 Frane was hit by bus. In 1996 he was almost hit an oncoming truck. He veered so hard to avoid a collision he drove his car off a cliff. But instead of falling to his death he was thrown from the car into the safety of a tree’s branches. His car fell 300 feet more and burst into flames.

In 2003 Frane’s luck then went a step further when he landed a $1 million lottery win in the Croatian Lottery.

That’s one lucky guy!

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