Amazing Lottery Facts

Statistics don't always tell the whole story but sometimes they are every interesting. While reading these very interesting facts please remember that they apply to anyone buying an ordinary lottery ticket. People who use proven lottery wheeling systems have much better odds. interesting lotto facts

Interesting Lotto Facts

Did you know that statistically speaking if you spent $10,000 per year on lotto entries it would take you 2,809 years to the jackpot? lessons in how to win the lotteryAccording to mathematical statistical experts the odds of winning a lottery jackpot are so low that actually travelling to buy your ticket gives you a statically higher chance of dying than winning the top prize. You have a higher chance of being hit by lightening than purchasing the winning ticket. You also have a much higher probability of being killed in a car accident on the way to get your ticket! If you do win you may want to hide the win from your wife. You are even more likely to die in a freak fireworks accident than win millions. One of the most frightening statistics is that you are eight thousand times more likely to be the victim of a murder than win the jackpot using a normal entry!

Bad Odds

Obviously planning to retire with the money from a win gained from playing the lottery in the normal way is not a very good financial plan. Even Even playing more often doesn't increase your chances. Buying thousands of tickets only marginally increases your odds of winning the jackpot. Why is that? Because statistically each line you enter is a separate entry and has actually the same bad odds as any other one – usually approximately 14 million to 1 against you. If you want to win on the lotto you really need to play smarter not more often. However, there are ways to buy just 28 tickets and reduce the odds against you by over 13 and a half million to 1!

You Can Beat the Odds

By using wheeling systems and other smart pick strategies you can dramatically improve your odds of winning the jackpot prize. However, this is not the main attraction of using lottery wheeling systems. Even though they greatly increase your odds of winning the top prize these type of systems also dramatically improve your chances of winning multiple smaller prizes. For instance if you pick 3 or more lottery numbers that are drawn in your game you do not win just 1 prize. Due to the nature of wheeling you will have multiple tickets with those numbers on them, thus giving you multiple prizes.

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