£64 Million Prize Goes Unclaimed

Imagine losing out on a £64,000,000 (approximately $96 million) jackpot prize. For one unlucky lottery winner he or she became an unfortunate part of history. lessons in how to win the lotteryThe winner became the biggest loser in lottery history by failing to claim such a huge prize. Never before in lottery history has such a big prize went unclaimed. All lotteries have a time scale imposed on winners within which they must claim their prize. Failure to claim the prize results in all the winnings being given to charity. This is exactly what occurred when the 180 day deadline passed without a claimant coming forward.

Charities Gain £64 million plus £645,000 In Interest

The purchase of the huge Euromillions jackpot prize ticket was traced to a single ticket bought in Hertfordshire in June 2012. The 180 day deadline meant the claim had to be made by December 2012 or the money would be given to charity. Despite a large-scale National Lottery campaign to find the winner no-one came forward. This made the £63,837,543.60 jackpot prize the largest unclaimed lotto win in lottery history worldwide.

Is Stevenage Unlucky for Some?

The winning loser of the huge Euromillions jackpot prize had apparently purchased the ticket in either the Stevenage or Hitchin area of Hertfordshire in June of 2012. Although many prizes do go unclaimed in lotteries across the world it is uncommon for large prizes not to be claimed. The fact that this is the biggest unclaimed prize fund has attracted a lot of media attention.

Common Reason for Prizes Going Unclaimed

Rather than losing their entries most prizes go unclaimed because winners do not check their tickets. Leaving tickets in the pockets of coats that are seldom worn is a common reason for tickets going unchecked. Also leaving tickets in vehicles or putting them away "in a safe place" and then forgetting about them is another common cause of failure to claim a prize. Another reason, that will not surprise you, is that some tickets are left in the pockets of clothes that are subsequently washed. Thus the ticket, essentially made of ordinary paper, is destroyed.

How to Avoid the Lottery Winner-Loser Trap

Always check your lottery tickets safe until the day of the draw and always check them. Set up a little ritual that will form a habit so you don't become one of the winning lottery losers. More amazing lottery facts.

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