2 Amazing Wins in 1 Draw

Single Mother Strikes Gold

There are lots of lottery winners stories that inspire and confound us. Take the story of a single mother who won the lottery.

lessons in how to win the lotterySharon Mentore, a single mother of 3 young children, couldn’t believe her luck when she finally broke away from the money-trap that was her life to become an instant multi-millionaire.

Mentore was seen smiling as she held tight onto her 10 and a half million dollar cheque, back in 2004, almost fearful that someone at the lottery company might take it off her again.

sharon mentoreUnable to hide her joy at the win she told reporters the very first thing she intends to do is send her father to his country of birth, Guyana. She already forced him to give up his job at a local factory.

Sharon is also did the smart thing by tying up some of her money in funds for her children’s future education. Her 2 sons, at the time aged 5 and 3, and her very young daughter who was then aged only 19 months, will benefit from a good education thanks to the lottery win.

She also shared her winnings with her 3 sisters and 1 brother. Ms. Mentore also shared her amazing good fortune with the 2 women who shared her small apartment.

Although at the time she had not yet passed her probationary period as a personal support worker she decided to keep her job at a facility for elderly and disabled people because of her love of it. She bought a house where she and the kids were able to have their own bedrooms.

Sharon also was quite vocal about her kid’s father and wanted to send him a message through the media.

“Don’t come looking for me now!” she stated.

It seems the absent parent walked away from the family neglecting his financial commitments and having no contact with his children when Sharon was only 26 years old.

Double Winner Shares Prize

What is also amazing is that Sharon shared the jackpot prize with Mr. Maurice Daviau, also living in Milton like Ms. Mentore, who had won a jackpot once before.

Back in 2001 Mr. Daviau won a staggering 11.7 million dollars and shared it with his 76 work colleagues at Maplehurst Correctional Centre keeping only 151,000 for himself.

This time around he intends to share his $10.5 million jackpot winnings with only his wife Mionica.

While checking his ticket at a local store he thought he had won enough for a free entry into the next draw when the winning music sounded. However, he was almost floored when the clerk behind the counter she could not give him his prize money because she couldn’t read that many numbers!

Daviau said that, “…my knees went weak and I had to sit down”.

You’ve got to be in to win. So, if you want similar luck make sure you buy a ticket.


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